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An angsty fic for Challenge #17

Title: Untitled
Challenge #17: Write a story between two characters in which neither ever speaks the truth.
Fandom: Harry Potter
Warnings: Slash and angst!
Disclaimer: 313 words. The fic doesn't fit the challenge perfectly, but hey I tried! I would love any comments on it. *hopeful look* BTW could somebody tell me how to format stories? @_@ I just cut and paste from Microsoft Word, but I can't get the indentations to show.

He said my hair looked like a weed somebody had trodden on. I kicked him in the nuts.
I said his eyes looked like gray mud. He bit me on the calf.
He said I was the Perfect Gryffindor Boy; righteous, moral, and good. He lists my actions while tipping off his fingers.
“You picked up the quill that guy dropped. You didn’t laugh at that portly Hufflepuff’s love letter at dinner last night. You put my clothes into the hamper and made the bed this morning. If we didn’t have house elves here, you probably would have made some bloody eggs and sausage, too.” He had all ten fingers up in no time, and I rolled my eyes.
“Just because I’m not an evil, promiscuous Slytherin like you.” I listed his evil deeds on his toes. “Maybe I didn’t laugh at the poor girl, but you certainly did. We could hear you laughing seven tables across the Hall. You tripped Colin just because he was trying to take my picture again. I told you, he has a girlfriend!” He grimaces. “You flicked peas at Hermione at breakfast, don’t think I didn’t notice. You kept flustering me in Potions, I think Snape was onto us.” Within minutes, I had ticked off all his toes.
I looked into his eyes.
“We’ll always be together, right?”
“Of course. Don’t be daft, Potter. You think I’d invest this much energy into all of my fans?”
I searched his face, seeking conviction. But deep within his gray orbs, all I saw was sadness.
We were happy once, we really were. But years later, I saw him standing in dark robes below a glowing green skull against the black sky. The moment our eyes met, I knew, and I knew that he knew.
Everything we had shared and promised were just the hopeful wishes of naïve teenage boys.
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