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Story Title: The End of Never
Challenge #: 48: Write a story in which a character tries to tap into dark forces to get something they want.
Fandom: These are my original characters, for my story Fire and Air.
Disclaimer: I do own these characters and the plot, however, I'm not making any money (oh pooh!).
Rating: Well, this would be PG maybe PG-13 for slight violence (sheesh I suck at ratings...)
# of Words: 218

She looked between the outstretched hand and the three people standing behind her. Oh, she wanted it, she wanted so badly to know what had come before all this, what had come before the fire. She wanted so badly to know who she was, before she had woken up to a inferno, before she had, in her fear, called rain to her to put out the fire, and most of all, oh most of all, before she had been a mage.

She needed desperately to know who her family was. Who she was. Who she was going to be becuase of this all. But that was a question of the future. Amaya wanted so badly to know, and Trynt said he could tell her. That was more than Jaysen could, would do.

And that was her reasoning, and she realised later, later when she was helping Trynt kill her friends, that this reason was not enough.

And she told him that. She told that to Trynt, and watched the surprise on his face turn to horror as she attempted to strangle him.

He had gotten away of course, and Amaya might never know what had happened, what might have happened, what her past was, but she was willing to wait until the end of never to find out.
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