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Title: Unnatural
Challenge #: 12
Fandom: Okay, It's a book I read called The Silver Kiss, by Annette Curtis Klause, and I really thought it need a bit more.
Warnings: Ummm... nope!
Disclaimer: Unfortunately I don't own any of these characters. I am not making any money from this, if I was there would be more manga on my shelves and more posters on my walls.
Author's Note: Um, in case I don't make it clear, Simon is a vampire.

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Challenge # 8

This is kind of long, I'm sorry if it's too long, but it just sort of spiraled out of longness and control and then whapped me over the head a lot until I lost consciousness and woke up to find it finished, and very long.

Story Title: All Human Actions
Challenge #: 8
Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I do not own any of these characters. If I did, I would keep them in my closet and film them every Wednesday and Friday, having kinky sex.
Fandom: Get Backers.
Pairings: Ban/Ginji; Juubee/Kadsuki; Akabane/Ginji or Akabane/Ban sort of; Shido/Madoka; Haruki+Shido
Warnings: Sex, definitely sex, some angst, heterosexuality as well as homosexuality, certain amounts of demented psychopathy, and gore!

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