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"Any activity becomes creative when the doer cares about doing it right, or doing it better." -John Updike

Welcome to madpash. This is a community for writers to be challenged every day and, hopefully, inspire them to write more than they currently do. It's a closed community so please e-mail me if you want to join after you've read the following information:

Every day a new challenge is posted.

You have thirty days from the time the challenge is posted to write a response to it and post it in the community. If the thirty days is expired, you may still write the story, but not post it in the community. Every story must be one hundred or more words to be posted to the community. All story posted must be posted behind an <lj-cut>, include the number of the challenge it is in answer to and have a disclaimer somewhere. Only link to a story off of the community if it is an answer to a challenge and is more than 5,000 words long.

Before the <lj-cut> please include the following header with your information filled in:

Story Title:
Challenge #:

You may add more to the header, but please include those five things.

Any rating is allowed, as long as there is a warning for things rated R or above. You do not have to rate your fiction, but if there is something objectionable please warn that there is objectionable material in the story. You don't have to go into specifics about what kind of material it is. I know that some, including myself, don't like giving away a plot just to be absolutely sure we don't offend someone.

All members of the community are expected to contribute in some way. Contribution to the community include sending challenges of your own, submitting fan fiction in response to challenges and/or giving feedback. If you would just like to read the fiction posted here without giving feedback, you may watch the community.

If you have a challenge you would like to submit do NOT post it to the community, send it to me at dilificus@hotmail.com.

Other nice challenge comms are:
fandomchallenge, a_thousandwords, anichallenge

Other helpful comms are:
challengecenter, challengefinder